Ditch the Junk – Help Your Kids Eat Better   July 30, 2013

junk food 300x200 Ditch the Junk – Help Your Kids Eat BetterDon’t give your kids a choice when it comes to junk food

Often we hear parents complaining about their children’s food habits. However, studies have proved that children tend to like what they are given to eat on a regular basis. If you feed your child too much junk food and aerated drinks, then chances are he or she will develop a fondness for unhealthy food. Taste is acquired, and healthy eating habits can be fostered at home very effectively. Yes, kids do start eating what you feed them.

Habitual junk food eaters eat similar food at home

If we ask a child to choose between a doughnut and a carrot, the choice is obvious! Maybe it is better not to offer such choices to kids. In families where more vegetables and fruits appear at the dinner table, children get used to them. Parents can alter the taste preference by cooking healthy meals at home. Gradually the child will develop a taste for it from an early age and will continue to eat healthy throughout their life.

Wrong food affects health

Everyone knows that ‘you are what you eat’ and if you eat junk regularly, you end up with health and weight related issues. While food with high sugar content can harm your dental health, there are some foods that actually have dental benefits. Eating candy and foods high in sugar can cause cavities and tooth pain, especially if the child doesn’t have good dental habits like brushing and flossing after meals. Chomping on apples and carrots not only help to reduce acids but also remove food particles from the teeth and prevent bacterial infection.

So how do you get it right?

If you want your child to eat healthy, you need to work on a few strategies.

-Don’t try to introduce all healthy foods at the same time
-Improvise and create food that is new and healthy
-Try out new recipes to add a zing to your cooking
-Involve your child in grocery shopping
– Get your child to help you prepare dinner
-Talk to your child about the negative effects of junk food

While we cannot expect children to eat only wheat kernels and broccoli florets, eating right should be a matter of habit and not choice.

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